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Adult living at its best!

Wellington on the Lake was established in 1990.  The community we enjoy today is often described as inclusive, friendly and welcoming. There are a great many activities to enjoy, all run by residents who volunteer their time for the greater good of us all.  These volunteers, past and present, are responsible for the WOTL “culture” we all enjoy today.

There is a rich history here that has been recorded in print and photographic mediums and was scattered about in our Library and resident-owned files in basements, crawl spaces, and spare rooms.  We have centralized these historical records and preserved them digitally on our website for all to experience, now and into the future.  Check us out from time to time and discover some of our shared history.


Photo Gallery

Photo galleries submitted by WOTL residents are supported on a Google Drive managed by the Webmaster. To view photos, click on this link.


How To Submit your Photos

Feel free to submit your photos of WOLRA-related events and activities so they can be posted on the website.

Please be selective in the photos that you send and include some text to describe them. A caption for each photo or a narrative for the whole submission (ideally both) would be appreciated. Please note that some photos may be enhanced or removed before posting on the website.

Photos should be emailed directly to wolraphotos@gmail.com. If your email service does not allow you to send large submissions such as an email with many attachments, you can

  • break the message down into many smaller emails
  • reduce the size of each photo
  • use a cloud service such as google drive, dropbox or others and share the related link to the wolraphotos@gmail.com email address

Please keep your submission to 40 photos or less.

You can expect them to be posted within 10-14 days from your submission.


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