Adult living at its best!


At Wellington on the Lake, we offer a wide array of activities to cater to the diverse interests of our community. From invigorating exercise sessions like aerobics and aerobic drumming, where you can join at your own pace, to engaging in creative pursuits with our Art Club, where you can explore various forms of art, there’s something for everyone. If you prefer the outdoors, we have activities like golf, horseshoes, and tennis. For those who love socializing, we have clubs for card games, and more. Our diverse range of activities ensures that every member of our community can find something enjoyable and engaging to participate in.




Art, Music and Dancing

Card and Board Games

Social and Crafts

The Wellington on the Lake Residents Association (WOLRA), our website, bi-weekly e-blasts and our monthly ‘Neighbourly News’ work together to ensure all Wellington on the Lake residents feel connected, included and engaged in our community.

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