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Membership Committee


The Membership Committee encourages all Wellington on the Lake residents to become members of WOLRA (the Wellington on the Lake Residents Association).

The Membership Committee also maintains the members’ database and assists members with updating their information and processing annual membership renewals.

Responsibilities of the Membership Committee also include welcoming new residents.  Members of the Welcome Committee meet with new residents to present a welcome gift and provide information on WOLRA and its activities.

The Membership and Welcome Committees can be contacted at


If you know any business interested in buying advertisement space in the Neighbourly News or yearly telephone directory, please contact the Advertising Committee who will get in touch with the business. They will discuss ad size, schedule, costs and other details as required.

Advertising Committee:

·  Graham Thornton, 416-902-4826

·  Pam Smith

·  Derek Mendham


Celebration Of Life

If you would like to hold a Celebration of Life for someone close to your heart and you would like to use the Recreation Centre, please contact Bob Hicks, Director of Welfare for instructions on how to reserve the main hall and kitchen, where you can order food as well as who to speak with regarding the audio-visual aids that may be required.


Dispute Resolution:

Any WOLRA member who has a dispute with a Director of the Board may refer the dispute to a Dispute Resolution Committee. This deals mainly with a Director or the whole Board perceived as not following the bylaws and is governed by the Dispute Resolution Policy.

It has no legal authority and does not deal with neighbour disputes or disputes with Frontier or Daimler.
You may check the governance documents for the process of lodging a complaint.



Dave Huether, Chairperson, 613-246-4241
Rob Cull

Paul Piels

Alan Smith

Denise Frenette

Fitness Equipment Maintenance:

If any equipment in the fitness centre needs maintenance, please contact any member of the fitness centre committee.


Fitness Centre Committee:

Phil McMillan, Chairperson, 647-287-5723
Kevin Hanbury

Fitness Centre hours are 7:00am to 10:00pm

Occasional Ride

Looking for a neighbour to give you an occasional ride?

The following individuals have volunteered to take you to doctor appointments, treatments, airport, wherever. They will charge you a fee that you may want to negotiate beforehand.

Fred M. 613-399-2442
Norm D. 613-399-5790

The Good Neighbours Club is made up of resident volunteers who are available to help with one-time odd jobs around the house. Jobs such as fixing or replacing faucets, changing light bulbs, insulating garage doors, helping move shelves or putting together furniture. Also, small sewing jobs, making a meal, walking your dog, helping organize drawers or cupboards, cleaning a fridge and more. 


Louise Kedro 613-902-0482

Nancy Shaw 613-399-1366


The Wellington on the Lake Residents Association (WOLRA), our website, bi-weekly e-blasts and our monthly ‘Neighbourly News’ work together to ensure all Wellington on the Lake residents feel connected, included and engaged in our community.

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