Adult living at its best!

 Engage in a healthy and active lifestyle with a variety of sports and fitness activities. Whether you’re looking to get your heart rate up or prefer a more relaxed approach, our offerings have something for everyone. Join in the energy of aerobics or improve balance and flexibility with Physio-Fit. follow along with a video exercise class. Stay active, meet fellow residents, and enjoy the benefits of a fit and active lifestyle.

Aqua Exercise (Self Directed)

This is a self-directed exercise group. Participants choose their own method of exercising and work at an individual level. Exercises might include the use of leg or arm water weights, swimming, water walking or Doctor prescribed exercises. 


Low/Moderate water exercise for 45 minutes done to a recorded disc. Due to pool restrictions, class size is limited to 10 participants and preregistration is required.


 A program created and designed to develop strength and wellness, increase flexibility and improve balance and coordination. These exercises are low intensity – both standing and sitting.

Video Walk (1 and 3 miles)

Low impact aerobics conducted inside the Recreation Centre to a Leslie Sansone walk-fit CD displayed on the big screen TV. In the advanced class, participants cover up to 3 – 4 miles equivalent of on-the-spot exercises. Drop in and join us.

Welly Bikers Cycling

This cycling group is for all levels of cyclist and is for all types of bike (ebikes, road bikes, trail bikes, etc). This group cycles from mid April through October on Wednesday at 11:30 AM. Rides are generally an hour and sometimes incorporate rides to vineyards, distallies and craft beer. We try to change up the routes weekly and rides can be anywhere from 15Kms to 30 KMs in distance. This group is social and designed to get to know people at the same time get some exercise

Yoga Beginner/Advanced

Practice yoga weekly in a class setting. Three classes from beginner to advanced are available. Stretching, breathing exercises and being in your body rather than your mind. For everyone. Organized in sessions of 10 weeks, additional fee required for outside instructor.

Aerobic Drumming

One of the best exercises for seniors. Anyone can do it because you work at your own speed and physical condition. All you need is an exercise ball, something to set the ball in, a pair of drum sticks and good music.

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